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Can Narumi See my CHILD?

ABSOLUTELY! She can see your Child for Play Therapy and work with you as well using parenteing Coaching.


Can Narum TRAIN OR SPEAK AT my agency?

 You bet! Narumi provides speaking engagements, workshops, support groups, and seminars geared toward medium to large groups including schools, pediatric offices, hospitals, adoption agencies, foster care organizations, and other agencies working with children,  athletic teams, and church groups. Narumi is the co-owner of YANA where she created YANA Play. If you would like to set up a training for your organization or a speaking engagement please click on the image below:


Do children "just" play in therapy? 

Many parents worry about investing in play therapy because they think children  "are just playing". 

Play therapy is "more than therapy and play". Play therapy does what therapy alone can't and what play alone is not able to do. To learn more about Play Therapy please click on the picture below:


Is VIRTUAL play therapy possible?

is insurance accepted? 

Insurance is not accepted and all services provided are out of pocket. However you can present a reciept of your session to your insurance for a possible refund.



The cost of a 50 minute parenting coaching session or Play Therapy session is $120. First session is $150.


For trainings or speaking engagements, just contact Narumi to discuss the specifications of the event to configure it with your desires and needs in mind. Once all the details are discussed, she will give you a quote and a contract with all the specifications. 



All major credit cards (with an additional fee of 3.9%)


Currently and given our pandemic situation, all services are provided virtually using a HIPAA compliant Telehealth platform. All you need is an internet connected electronic device with a camera (Smart Phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer)

Virtual Play Therapy not only is POSSIBLE, but it is just as fun and therapeutic as "in person" Play Therapy!


However, virtual Play Therapy may not be the most appropriate approach for every child. My professional experience led me to only consider children over the age of 6 for Virtual Play Therapy, however for children under this age much of the work is done with the parent/guardian, so services may still be indicated.


A 15 minute free consultation to determine whether my services would meet your child's needs.   For those over 6 there are different factors that I would consider such as the child's ability to connect through the screen, the child's learning preference, diagnosis, the severity of the presented symptoms, etc... 

For some children Virtual Play therapy can be an even better approach than in person Play Therapy! For example a child who enjoys computer engagement, or a child with social anxiety or separation anxiety virtual Play Therapy may be the best therapeutic option. 

Virtual Play Therapy offers an tremendous variety of virtual activities and games that you can be used with children based on their preferences, strengths, abilities and needs, including Virtual Sandtray! 

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