"I Love you from A to Z, Rosemarie"

"I Love you from A to Z, Rosemarie"

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Rosemarie is growing up to be a confident girl as her mom connects  with her and becomes a self-esteem enhancer! Being a child can be fun, but facing difficulties, fears, and anxieties may impact the view they have of themselves. As parents, our role is to encourage them when the world brings them down. Positive affirmations can be a very powerful and easy tool to use with children to repair negative self-views. When parents tell their children they are special and loved they promote self-esteem and it aids children with their self-mastery. In this book you will find a selection of very powerful and positive affirmations, specifically designed for kids. You will also learn helpful, easy and fun to do activities and become a self-esteem enhancing parent!



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